Sunday, November 27, 2011

For Someone Who Loves Words

Over on Pinterest, I pinned a tutorial from . Today, I played around and made my own version! Mine sure isn't as perfect as the tutorial's, but for a first try, I can't complain. By the way, getting the cones the right shape and size was the hardest part, in my experience. I used a dictionary for my pages. While it fits my love of words, I'd love to rummage some used bookstores and find works of literature with which to do this! (Wouldn't A Christmas Carol be perfect, for example?) The tutorial has glittered edges and center, and she aged it with inks. I figure I will try those techniques too, but I wanted to see how a simple, vintage looking one would work, hence the button and slightly yellowing pages. I wish I had a library where I could decorate the tree with these!