Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blue Lake Ranch Layout

If you scroll down a few posts, you'll notice pictures I posted the day of Blue Lake Ranch's Iris Fest. Well, I made the layout today. This is a rare thing for me--Liam is not featured or even included. He pulled a teen-behavior and wanted to sleep in rather than go this year. I guess I had better get used to scrapbooking events that don't include him, as I suspect there will be more and more.

I have to get the journaling done still, but I was excited to post this one for some reason. The green, mottled paper is from The Paper Studio. The pink, patterned paper is from My Mind's Eye's Summer Song Stack. The title was cut on the Cricut, using The Calligraphy Collection, and the iris cuts are from Walk in My Garden. Blue iris, lavender, helitrope, rouge, cyan, canary, marigold, scarlet, and fresh green chalks were used. The sketch used is from Page Maps Jan 08.

If you want to know more about Blue Lake Ranch, visit

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Science Olympiad

Day 3 of vertigo, but I wasn't about to miss another day of scrapbooking! :)

The sketch is from Page Maps and was this week's Laying it Down challenge over on the Cricut board. The paper, in a rare moment of conformity from me, is all from the same collection! All of the patterned paper is from The Paper Studio's Little Boys and Their Toys Stack. There is little Cricut here, but the title was cut from Plantin Schoolbook.

Liam participated in the regional Science Olympiad was his first experience with this event. He was only signed up and prepped for Shock Value, but one of the other students didn't show. Her partner asked him to help, which he did. Who knew my son knew so much about anatomy without studying! He took first place in Shock Value, which helped his school go to state, where he was signed up and prepped for 3 events but again got put into another at the last minute! I'm so glad my son love science like he does!

Friday, June 25, 2010

June Cards

Just some cards made at this month's Stampin Up workshop...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bisti Badlands

I am not nearly as caught up on scrapbooking as this layout makes it seem! I scrap out of order and do what interests me on any particular day. Well today, it was the photos from last week's trip to the Bisti Badlands with my family and my brother and his girlfriend.

The blue, background cardstock, which does have a slight pattern to it, came from DCWV's Summer Stack 2009. The brown, which is mottled, came from The Paper Studio's Safari stack. The green and the box-covered papers came from Basic Grey's Archaic Collection, and the stripe is from My Mind's Eye's Twinkle Twinkle Little Boy stack. The brads are by Paper Studio. There aren't many Cricut cuts on this one (because all their border cuts are too girly! Note to Cricut, please make some masculine borders too!), but the tag is from Plantin Schoolbook, and the title font is from Lyrical Letters.

The layout, btw, is from Pagemaps, and it was used as this week's Layin It Down Challenge sketch over on the Cricut board. Although I did follow it pretty closely, it isn't an exact match.

Anyhow, The Bisti Badlands is the least visited national park in the US! Last statistic I read said less than 500 people visit it a year! This is so sad, as it is an amazing place. It is isolated and sort of spooky, but it is also like standing next to the ocean--makes you feel small and like there is possibility everywhere. Sarah, who is from the Midwest, had never seen anything like it and thought it was stunning. I do too!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cat Stuck in a Tree!

Yep, a cat stuck in a tree was Liam's costume that year. Why? Who knows, but it was the most imaginative costume we saw that night; most impressively, he came up with it all on his own!

Again, the papers are from Imaginisce, a collection called Hallowhimsy.


Sorry for the terrible photos. I usually photograph the layouts before putting them into the book, but I didn't want these sitting around over night (with my cats!).

The paper is from Imagineisce, a collection called Hallowhimsy. All of the embellishments were included in that collection. The title was cut using Plantin Schoolbook.

Friday, June 11, 2010


I've never done a layout of myself before! I don't usually like photos of myself, and so, I sometimes include myself in a layout but not as the focus. Well, it turns out Liam has a photographic eye. He took this photo of me, and I love it. I decided it was time to push myself out of my comfort zone and scrapbook myself.

The patterned papers include Paper Studio's "So Sweet" series (polka dot, stripe, and flowers and vine). The pink polka dot and the sort of muted pink frame are from My Mind's Eye. "Me" was cut from Cricut's Calligraphy Collection cartridge. The bird is from the Home Decor cartridge, the branch is from Tie the Knot, and the tag is from Alphalicious. The journal font is called calligraphy, and the flowers are from My Mind's Eye's Wild Asparagus collection. Unfortunately, the ribbon is random, and I cannot tell you which company made it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Smokey the Bear and Friends

My son the tree. LOL In third grade, his class did a play called Smokey and his Friends. In it, some careless campers leave a fire burning. After they leave, the animals come out to see and play with the fire, but the trees warn them to be careful. Finally, Smokey arrives, puts out the fire, and explains why it is so dangerous to leave a fire or to play with one. It has a great message, and the kids learned a lot about performing and reading with fluency. I think it is funny that Liam was a tree--asked to be one. We, certainly, take conservation seriously in our house, and it was perfect for him to be the one telling everyone to be careful with the fire, that it could start a forest fire.

Anyhow, for those that scrap, most of the cuts are from Give a Hoot, but the clouds are from Stand and Salute. The paper was very random, but the one used for the grass is called "It's a Jungle in Here" by Reminisce. The font for the journaling is segoe print. The chalks used were blue iris, brown, cheasnut roam, fresh green, and sky blue.

School Layouts

I scrapbook out of order. I do photos as I feel inspired, and yesterday, it was a couple of older photos that felt right.

The first layout is of Liam during the end of his second grade year. This was an amazing year for him, and I am so glad he is sitting between his two best friends of that year (and many to come).

It was a very simple layout--the paper is from DCWV's Grade School Stack and already had the tree and apples on it. I used Cricut's Plantin Schoolbook for the title (welded in Design Studio), and the apple is from Just Because Cards. That is all there was to this layout!

The next one is from Liam's first day of 3rd grade. I made the patchwork from using papers from DCWV's Grade School Stack, red and balck cardstock, and a random, green, polka dot paper that I got from a long forgotten stack purchased a while back. The squares are 2" and frame a 5"x7" photo. The stip of paper with wording is also from the same DCWV stack and was cut so the third grade line would be noticed. The title and pencil are from Cricut's Locker Talk, and the font on the journaling is called "juice."

Thursday, June 3, 2010

{Sea}ing Cousins

On our trip to San Antonio, Liam got to see his cousins, including hanging with them at Sea World (get the title now?). This was his first trip to any Sea World, and he loved it. He loved the animals, the shows, and the rides. I loved that the park was dressed for Christmas and the weather was PERFECT!

The paterned paper is from DCWV's Summer Stack. The glitter paper was pre-glittered. Circles and font are from Plantin Schoolbook (font at 1"/circles vary from 1"-2"). Some of the circles are pop dotted. Finally, the layout was based on Page Maps sketch from Jan 2008.