Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

So, 19 years ago today, I was an idealistic 19 year old who said, "I do," when the minister asked. Then, on New Year's Eve, my sweet husband had arranged a sleigh ride under a full moon--one that turned out to be a blue moon we discovered during our ride.

Forward 19 years... My husband surprised me by informing me that he had arranged for a sleigh ride this New Year's Eve, which I thought was just the most thoughtful thing. Then, we awoke this morning to this Once in a Blue Moon, It Happens on New Year's Eve.
How amazing is that! We get to celebrate our 19 years with something that only happens every 19 years!

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Eric, Meg and Mason said...

What an awesome hubby!! Congrats on your Anniversary! I love your blog!