Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quick, Psycho Posting

I am busy working on finishing yesterday's layout and starting today's, but I realized I never posted Thursday! So, here is my supper quick, because I am psycho, post! This layout is from a restuarant in Silverton that we ate at on the Fourth of July. We loved the name: Mother Klucker's and their tagline: Chicken so fricken good, we couldn't all it anything else. We wanted to eat there before we even knew if they had vegetarian items! It was a great, little place--a cross between a pub and a small town diner. We sat right by the door and got to enjoy the company of the sweet dog pictured. He didn't belong to anyone in the place, and no one recognized him from around town. He was the best behaved dog ever--never coming in, just sitting at the door greeting people as they came and left. We even snuck him some food, but he wasn't hungry, just social!


Pilz Babies said...

Either he wasn't hungry or he wasn't a vegetarian. :p


GoddessofWhimsy said...

LOL I just now realized there was a comment, and this cracked me up! Thanks my dear friend!