Monday, August 3, 2009


He was named by my son. I am told it is after the nice cat on a show called cat scratch, but I also think a teddybear might have played a part that my teen kiddo doesn't want to admit. See, his favorite teddy, given to him in his stocking one year, was called Waffle too! Either way, it isn't a name I would have picked, but as you see in my journaling, it was very important that my son name him.

Here is what the journaling says:
When you were only a week old, you broke my heart. Your mother was killed; you were so tiny and helpless, and you, in particular, were so isolated and lonley. I'll never forget the day L lounged on the floor and you went to him--to snuggle. It was a life-changing moment, for you and him. In that moment, you became "his cat." Suddenly, you wanted comfort and connection, and you began to grow and thrive.
You've become an absolute charmer, with your handsome, good looks and dapper personality. You are, indeed, L's cat.

Paper is from the pet stack (DCWV); "W" is from mini monograms, and the fish are from graphically speaking. Not loving the way my title worked out--not how I pictured it, but I'll live. Love the photos, though! If only you knew how hard this kitten is to photograph! Usually, he looks like a black blob with eyes. Sometimes, because he is usually in motion, he looks like a blurry, black blob. LOL

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