Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today's Work

I love this picture of L and his paternal grandparents. This is another of our Fourth of July photos, taken in the San Juan Mnts between Silverton and Ouray, CO. The challenge for me was to use colors and embellishments that would compliment my other layout--Handsome and Rugged (posted earlier). These are on facing pages of my scrapbook and were taken the same day. I needed them to go together without being the same. Again, I used Campout for the image cuts, except the hills, which I just did by hand. I used several colors of fluid chalk to shade and highlight. The trees have everything from olive green to lime, to yellow, to blue iris, and the mountains have all of those plus cheastnut roan, brown, yellow ochre, and charcoal. The font is plantin schoolbook.

Craig's parents started him jeeping when he was 6 weeks old, and now, they are passing this love onto L. He is so comfortable in the jeep, on trails above treeline that you'd think he was born there! Yep, this is one our family's favorite ways to spend a summer day.

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