Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spy Gear

Woohoo! I got this layout done in one hour! That is what I love about sketches (from the challenge on the Cricut messageboard); they do make it faster. Anyhow, this one is out of my usual comfort zone. It is more graphic/cartoonish than I usually do, but the subject was perfect. In my earlier post today, I showed a Christmas LO. If you read the journaling for it, I mention my family's stocking tradition. Well, this layout shows an example. My brother took a job to help improve education in Pakistan. His role over there is completely peaceful, but he had to go through self defense training before going over. The training reminded me of spy movies, which is why he had spy gear in his stocking!

The title font (for my Cricut friends) is Plantin Schoolbook. The others are cuts that sort of reminded me of cartoon spys, and they are from Indy Art.

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