Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Smokey the Bear and Friends

My son the tree. LOL In third grade, his class did a play called Smokey and his Friends. In it, some careless campers leave a fire burning. After they leave, the animals come out to see and play with the fire, but the trees warn them to be careful. Finally, Smokey arrives, puts out the fire, and explains why it is so dangerous to leave a fire or to play with one. It has a great message, and the kids learned a lot about performing and reading with fluency. I think it is funny that Liam was a tree--asked to be one. We, certainly, take conservation seriously in our house, and it was perfect for him to be the one telling everyone to be careful with the fire, that it could start a forest fire.

Anyhow, for those that scrap, most of the cuts are from Give a Hoot, but the clouds are from Stand and Salute. The paper was very random, but the one used for the grass is called "It's a Jungle in Here" by Reminisce. The font for the journaling is segoe print. The chalks used were blue iris, brown, cheasnut roam, fresh green, and sky blue.

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